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My Lady Pickpocket

(A Turn of the Century Romance)

Eliza Summersby does what she must to survive. Caught red-handed picking the pocket of a Piccadilly toff, she knows to beat a hasty retreat. But when Eliza slips into a passing carriage, the clever thief comes face to face with a mysterious stranger.

Sir Mark van Bergen knows a thing or two about taking risks. After all, one doesn’t become the youngest director of the Bank of England by playing it safe, yet faced with harboring a petty criminal, Mark must make a decision that could change both their lives—will he be Eliza’s refuge or her one-way trip to Scotland Yard?

A Gilded Duchess

(A Turn of the Century Romance)

 Feisty Chicago heiress, Evangeline “Birdie” Horst, wants nothing more than to make her debut in London, yet her family drags her on a detour through the Lake District. While visiting the ruins of a stately castle, Birdie meets a handsome and mysterious groundskeeper who endeavors to show her the beauty of the English countryside.

As a young boy, the Duke of Rosthwaite lost his home in a devastating fire. Determined to keep the estate from falling into further disrepair, he lives and works on the grounds of Keswick Castle, which he opens to paying visitors during the summer. While laboring in the gardens, Ross meets a bold American beauty set to inherit a fortune and insistent on marrying an English nobleman.

Marriage to a Dollar Princess would solve his money problems, yet Ross knows the true cost of life in the aristocracy. Can he convince Birdie that he isn’t a predatory peer before she soars from his life forever? Or will the Duke and Duchess of Rosthwaite become trapped together in a gilded cage of their own making?

Seduce Me, Sir

(Cherrill Family Book Three)

Lady Augusta Cherrill is barreling toward spinsterhood faster than her feet can keep up. When she takes a tumble down the stairs at the social event of the Season, Gussie is delighted to discover a handsome, intriguing, wholly unsuitable stranger picking her up and dusting her off. Did she bump her head—or has fate finally delivered the answer to her prayers?

Sir Malcolm Sharpe left Scotland as a young man to make his fortune in the Canadian frontier. Now he’s back, as rich as a king, to claim his rightful place in London society. The rugged fur trader may have survived fifteen years in the wilderness…but is he strong enough to withstand the force of nature that is Lady Augusta Cherrill?

Madam, Be Mine

(Cherrill Family Book Four)

 As the youngest son of the illustrious Cherrill family, Lord Leopold feels pressured to settle down within the strict confines of polite society. Rather than return to his family estate, Leo takes a room at a village inn and enjoys what freedom a life lived incognito can bring.

Gwendoline Woodby longs to escape her duties at the Finch & Flower. She dreams of a world beyond the tavern walls, stable yard, and the sleepy market town, but her overly-protective father is the landlord and—sometimes, it feels like—her jailor.

When a handsome guest offers a chance at liberty, can Gwen find the courage to leave everything she’s ever known? And, once his deception is discovered, will Leo’s good intentions leg-shackle him to this ginger-haired barmaid for the rest of their lives?

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