My Lady Pickpocket

(A Turn of the Century Romance)


In the last days of Queen Victoria’s reign, modern ladies have grown emboldened to stand up, speak out, and get things done. Young women want love on their terms and refuse to settle for husbands who won’t rise to life’s challenges alongside them. At the dawn of this new century, it’s their turn!


Eliza Summersby does what she must to survive. Caught red-handed picking the pocket of a Piccadilly toff, she knows to beat a hasty retreat. But when Eliza slips into a passing carriage, the clever thief comes face to face with a mysterious stranger.

Sir Mark van Bergen knows a thing or two about taking risks. After all, one doesn’t become the youngest director of the Bank of England by playing it safe, yet faced with harboring a petty criminal, Mark must make a decision that could change both their lives—will he be Eliza’s refuge or her one-way trip to Scotland Yard?

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