Veronica of Brandwood Manor

(Hopington Park Book Four)


Lucian, Marquess of Lambourne—a dedicated single father—finds himself at a crossroads now that his daughter has embarked on her own journey. Lonely and yearning for more than duty, Lucian’s world is forever changed when Veronica Winslowe, a spirited woman with a shadowed past, arrives in Lambourne.

Determined to survive independently of the family who disowned her, Veronica catches the eye of Lord Lambourne, setting off a chain of events that will challenge tradition and uncover the true desires of their hearts.

Amidst the backdrop of railway construction and market town gossip, Lucian and Veronica’s budding friendship blossoms into a collaboration that defies society and promises a future filled with unexpected joy. Will they find the courage to embrace a new beginning and rediscover the magic of love?


Coming Soon!

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