The Bride of Wellsbury Hall

(Wellsbury Hall Book Three)


Rose Anna Perceval believes that mediocrity is the worst sin a woman can commit. At twenty-one, she has traveled the Continent, taken the ballrooms of London by storm, and tossed the constraints of polite society back in their shocked faces. But Rose Anna has a secret…she’s not as remarkable—or as experienced—as she claims to be.

Colin, Lord Corsham, has inherited a peerage with little of the security that comes with being an earl. He must align himself with an ancient, well-respected family, and a connection to the noble Percevals would solve all his problems, with one exception: Rose Anna Perceval is the most unsuitable bride of the Season. She is headstrong, outspoken, and rumored to be unchaste.

Undeterred, Colin journeys to Wellsbury Hall with the intention of marrying Miss Perceval no matter what, but finds himself smitten with this singular beauty despite her reputation.

Can Rose Anna’s charade keep Colin at bay, or will the passion growing between them prove her downfall? For, with their wedding night looming, she must meet her husband at the altar unencumbered by the lies she’s crafted.


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