Madam, Be Mine

(Cherrill Family Book Four)


As the youngest son of the illustrious Cherrill family, Lord Leopold feels pressured to settle down within the strict confines of polite society. Rather than return to his family estate, Leo takes a room at a village inn and enjoys what freedom a life lived incognito can bring.

Gwendoline Woodby longs to escape her duties at the Finch & Flower. She dreams of a world beyond the tavern walls, stable yard, and the sleepy market town, but her overly-protective father is the landlord and—sometimes, it feels like—her jailor.

When a handsome guest offers a chance at liberty, can Gwen find the courage to leave everything she’s ever known? And, once his deception is discovered, will Leo’s good intentions leg-shackle him to this ginger-haired barmaid for the rest of their lives?


Coming Soon in 2024!

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