A Surprise Inheritance

(A Turn of the Century Romance)


In a serendipitous twist of fate, Jessamine Scott, a spirited Californian, unexpectedly becomes the sole heiress of her formidable Aunt Hortense, a strict and rigid English spinster. She travels to London with a new identity in order to assume her rightful place among the aristocracy, where untold opportunities await…if she would only learn to behave!

Myles, Lord Fallbrook—a man whose stoic charm hides a secret yearning for adventure—is tasked with transforming Jessamine into the embodiment of refined English elegance, yet during their weekly ‘lady lessons’, Myles becomes enchanted by this lively American beauty’s untamed heart.

When passion and tradition dare to entwine, Aunt Hortense’s ambitions and societal expectations threaten to keep the lovers apart. Myles and Jessie must risk everything to seize happiness on their terms or lose their chance at love.


Coming Soon in 2024!








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