A Fifth Avenue Flirtation

(Gilded Age Belles Book Three)


Claribel Bruerton is the last of her friends to get married, though her parents intend to broker an advantageous match in order to secure their breakfast cereal empire. After returning from a ‘finishing’ trip abroad, Claribel and the rest of the Bruertons move into their new home on Fifth Avenue, hoping to take their place among the elite society of New York City.

Their neighbor, Everett Seabold, is an aspiring artist who makes his living painting murals in the palatial drawing rooms, ballrooms, and dining rooms of Fifth Avenue. He sneaks Claribel into these extraordinary houses under the cover of darkness, where she can freely admire his work. But an unforeseeable accident exposes their secret friendship, jeopardizing Claribel’s chance at a beneficial marriage, and threatening her ambitions of a seat on the board of Bruerton’s Breakfast Cereals.

Everett and Claribel must decide if their relationship is merely a flirtation between old friends and new neighbors, or if they’re willing to fight for something more—love.


Coming Soon in 2025!







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