Held by the Dark Highlander

(Dark Destinations Book Three)


The Earl of Strathcarron is going deaf. Returning from another failed attempt to restore his hearing, Sholto Rollo-MacKane boards the Night Express from London for his estate in the Scottish Highlands. He finds himself in close confines with a strong-willed, handsome woman who is nothing like any lass he’s ever met.

Lady Claudia Pratt has ruined herself. Years after a house party tryst gone wrong, Claudia will not take a husband and cannot tell her beloved father the reason. She devotes her energy to better pursuits, spending her summers tramping about the countryside with a sketchbook in hand. Bound for a walking holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Claudia meets a lonesome lord whose quiet understanding might just answer the wild call of her heart.

Coming Soon in 2022!

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