The Linley and Patrick Saga

A Love That Never Tires

(Linley & Patrick Book One)

My Unconquerable Soul

(Linley & Patrick Book Two)

Our Land of Beyond

(Linley & Patrick Book Three)

Villa Georgiana

(Linley & Patrick Spin-off)

Neill Brothers Series

The Solemn Bell

(Neill Brothers Book One)

Their Haunted Nights

(Neill Brothers Book Two)

The Strange Heart

(Neill Brothers Spin-off)

Dark Destinations Series

Rescued by the Dark Duke

(Dark Destinations Book One)

Loved by the Dark Lady

(Dark Destinations Book Two)

Held by the Dark Highlander

(Dark Destinations Book Three)

Cherrill Family Series

Kiss Me, Your Grace

(Cherrill Family Book One)

Marry Me, My Lady

(Cherrill Family Book Two)

Seduce Me, Sir

(Cherrill Family Book Three)

Madam, Be Mine

(Cherrill Family Book Four)

Staunton Sisters Series

In The Viscount’s Arms

(Staunton Sisters Book One)

The Infamous Duke

(Staunton Sisters Book Two)

An Inconvenient Engagement

(Staunton Sisters Book Three)

Wellsbury Hall Series

The Widow

(Wellsbury Hall Book One)

The Lord

(Wellsbury Hall Book Two)

The Parson

(A Wellsbury Hall Novella)

The Bride

(Wellsbury Hall Book Three)

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