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Marry Me, My Lady

(Cherrill Family Book Two)


At Bradwell, the Cherrill family estate, Lord Douglas stumbles upon a young woman banished to the country for birthing an illegitimate child.

Lady Phoebe de Moncy, the beautiful daughter of the Earl of Rudham, was once a debutante with a bright future until she placed her heart in the wrong man’s hands. Now, she knows time with baby Ellen is running out. Soon, the child will be taken for adoption, and she must return to London society. Phoebe longs for a quiet, independent life with her daughter and a warm friendship with the fun-loving, neighboring lord, but—for a woman with a tarnished past—what hope is there?

Can the second son of the illustrious Cherrill family risk his reputation to marry the woman he loves, or will Doug, Phoebe, and her precious baby girl be parted forever?

Kiss Me, Your Grace

(Cherrill Family Book One)


Kind-hearted Margaret Haselden takes in a stray dog found rummaging through her rubbish bins—yet the scrappy little terrier may prove more than she can handle!

When the prized bulldog of the Duke of St. Lawrence is set upon by a mangy cur, His Grace is outraged, but a compassionate beauty at the end of her tether pleads his forgiveness.

Soon, Edward finds himself looking forward to early morning walks and easy company at Margaret’s side. Can the head of the illustrious Cherrill family truly choose love over duty, or will he come to heel like so many dukes before him?

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